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June 2017 start of concerts in Brittany France

Hello - please check out the LIVE page as all the gigs/concerts start to unfold for the summer. Lots going on behind the scenes for future concerts, gigs and recording. Home concerts starting to build up and a great way to hear live music up close and personal - go on get in contact and lets organise one ! till next time  - keep listening................Regards G-slide James

Guitar teaching via live video ! soon….

Hi - France is hotting up now - everything seems to be growing like mad. Garden duties for me this week + some great news - soon be starting my video guitar teaching  - looking forward to that. In the meantime I have a busy summer with concerts - please see gig page My friends the other day bought their house in the nick of time - with brexit all seems to be changing - its a shame there is some great properties to renovate here. Thanks all for now - see you soon

Back in France !

Back in France after quick visit to my producer Kris Halpin in UK - re-vamped the website - listed shows and worked through some new ideas for the live concerts. Weather great here in Brittany  - good to be back - looked at a house today for some friends of mine - still bargains to be had ! we put an offer in and now waiting game - will update when its confirmed. Studio rehearsal time desperately required now - so knuckle down time for me and learn/work through these new ideas see you soon Gslide  

New Blog!

Hi everyone starting a blog today - full of music stuff - France stuff and beyond.... Be great to hear back from you....... In the meantime, here's my new video!

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